V Day Photos

February 18, 2006

Cute V Day photos of Sam 🙂 Click here…

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2 Month Stats

February 10, 2006

Sam had her two month appointment yesterday. She is now 10lbs, 6oz, and 22 1/4 inches! I thought she would be a little bit bigger but it actually makes sense. The Doctor said she is in the 50th percentile for heigth and weight, so she is smack in the middle.  She is ‘talking’ to us now […]

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Photos & a Birth Story

January 12, 2006

More pictures 🙂 Click Here to view. (You will need to sign in to Ofoto) Sam is still pretty cute. I don’t think that is going to change! I’ve seen some more smiles the past day or so.  We have to wait until after she eats and is quiet and alert and she is starting to […]

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Baby Friends

January 5, 2006

We had a fun afternoon meeting the new babies from our prenatal yoga and Bradley classes! Here is a cute picture of all of us. Kristi & Sam, Monique & Mason, Kelly & Ava, Ali & Maddy We managed to get all three girls together but right when we started to take the picture (hoping Mason would calm […]

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Sam is So Cute!

December 31, 2005

Sam is doing great! We took more photos so I wanted to post the link to KodakGallery again. Click here for more cute photos! Not much new to talk about. The way she sneezes and coughs is sooo cute! I had to get a booger out of her nose today and yesterday! Everyone thinks that is […]

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Sam’s Two Week Check

December 23, 2005

Sammy had her two week check-up at the Doctor’s office today.  She was 7 lbs and 11 oz!!! Holy cow, she gained 11ozs since December 14th (she was 7lbs at that Dr. checkup)! Babies are supposed to be at their birth weight at their two week check-up (since after birth they typically lose 10% of […]

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Family Trip

December 19, 2005

Sam had her first family trip yesterday! We went down to Aunt Wendy’s house for the Williams Family Christmas. We had to keep her in her car seat and we didn’t let anyone hold her! Awww… Maybe in a few weeks when she is not so ‘new’. We had a great time though! She slept […]

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Levels Going Down

December 15, 2005

Her levels went down to 17!! Wow. That phone call was a relief. Seriously. We got up early this morning with our *stat* paperwork to get the blood taken and the phone call came around 12:00pm. She only needs the horrible photo lamp for today and tonight and then they will come pick it up […]

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Jaundice Levels

December 14, 2005

Sam’s bilirubin level’s kept going up. Sunday it was at 14 (anything over 10 means her bilirubin, or jaundice) is not to good. Monday it went to 17.1 so they ordered the photo-therapy on Tuesday. We didn’t get it until 10pm at night and we were not sure how long she was supposed to be […]

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Welcome Samantha Leigh!

December 13, 2005

Welcome Samantha Leigh! Born 12/9/05 at 3:55 PM 7 lbs, 1 oz, 20 in. More Photos of Sam Things are going wonderful with Sam! She is such a perfect little girl and so good natured. We are working out our schedule and she is pretty content.  She has a little jaundice so we have been getting blood […]

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