About Justin…

Raised by local fishermen in the small village of Narsalik (located in the municipality of Paamiut in West Greenland), Justin never knew his true heritage.  Although he learned how to spearfish for Atlantic Cod (Gadus Morhua) at an early age, he never felt like he belonged on the largest island in the world with his Danish and Eskimo friends.  During the summer of his 15th year Justin decided it was time to search for his birth parents, and he forever left the land of Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun.  His many travels took him across the world, from Beijing to Istanbul, where (legend has it) he left behind many offspring.

Shortly before needing to change my shorts

Jusin: “The whole chicken?”
Mike: “That’s right.  With feathers.”

My hero, Terry Moore

Arriving on the shores of sunny California in the spring of ’92, Justin found work as a tattoo artist in Venice Beach.  Feeling that he had finally found his true home Justin “adopted” his new parents, Sharon and Randy, by moving into their garage and living off their leftover fish-sticks.  Recently Justin has been promoted to “Lead Janitor” at Advanced Access and is just giddy about the fact that he was finally able to trick someone into actually marrying him.  Anyone else out there feeling sorry for Kristi at this point should send money, lots of money, to the Save Kristi Foundation™.


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