Baby Poop

by admin on May 30, 2006

OH MY GOD, giving real food to a baby makes their poop disgusting.

DISGUSTING. Seriously.

About two weeks after we started giving Sam baby food, she stopped pooping. It was a nice vacation! I was getting tired of all those leaky poops that snuck up the back of her diaper and on to her clothes. Every afternoon at her 3:30 feeding I would wrap a blanket around her butt before we started feeding because I KNEW what was coming. After the third day of not pooping, I started wondering though. Where was all the poop? It had to come out sometime. When? Yikes.

We started with the prunes. Once a day… then twice a day. Then, we added peaches at night. The night we started peaches, I handed her off to Justin for a little ‘Daddy Time’ and he kept coming down to where I was sitting on the computer saying ‘She is STINKY!’ Which she is/was. Those prunes were making some nasty smelling gas come out of her butt! Yikes! I kept waving him away, ‘Go some where else, I’ve been smelling them all day!’.

When I started running her bath, Justin got her ready and opened her diaper and WHEW! There it was! 7 1/2 days of not pooping and we got a huge whooper of a diaper. Wow, I was SO happy that Justin was doing that diaper. I was breathing out of my mouth and very thankful.

The next few days she would poop little pasty poops. They didn’t leak out of the diaper any more! I thought it was WONDERFUL! Pasty poop stays in the diaper, right? No liquid whooshing out of the back or the sides.

Well, she stopped pooping again. Today was the 4th day. She was eating her lunch and I could tell something was coming. I was pushing her legs up and she was letting out (stinky) gas but no poops so I put her in the Exersaucer. She played happily in there for about 20 minutes. I smelled something after awhile and I thought she may be pooping. She started to squawk so I went to pick her up.

Big mistake. There was pasty poop everywhere. EVERYWHERE. There was four days of poop in that diaper and that diaper was NOT big enough. It was all over me since I picked her up. My clothes, my arms, her exersaucer. The smell… THE SMELL was horrible.

Needless to say, we just got out of the bathtub. Bleah.

When does potty training start? Yikes! I think we are going to start early with her.

What a fun day :-) heehee

No new pictures :-) They are on my camera and I have to get them off.

Sam did flip over from her back to her tummy on Sunday!  She did it again on Monday too. Even though she knows how to flip from her tummy to her back (since her third month) she spends so much energy flipping once that she just lays her head down and screams when she gets to her tummy. :-) Soon she will be rolling all over the floor though! Fun fun!

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