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by admin on March 26, 2006

Three Month Photos – Also photos of Big Bear and other things…
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Three and a half month photos – Just a few…
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Samantha is growing so quickly! She recently started grabbing at toys and playing with them. Everything is starting to go straight to her mouth, it’s hilarious.  She has outgrown half of her clothes in the 0-3 month mark and is now starting to fit all of her new clothes. We had to go and get her some sleep&play easy onsies because while all of the new clothes she has are sooo cute, they are a pain in the butt for everyday wear.

Last week we had the _perfect_ day. She woke up at 7:30am (after I went in at 7am to make sure she was still breathing…), went down for a nap around 9am and slept for an hour and fifteen minutes. Went down for another nap around 12pm and then slept for two hours and fifteen minutes!!! She took all of these naps with a minimum of fussing (5min or less!). I started a modified cry-it-out naptime routine and while it’s a little tense listening to her fuss as I walk out of the room, we are all so much happier about it! Well, Justin is learning anyway. :-) It is hard to hear her cry! When she wakes up from her nap she is full of smiles now, where before she was being grumpy from sleep deprivation.  It’s nice to hear her ‘talk’ and smile during the day for playtime. After that perfect day, the next day she woke up at 7am and then went back to her 530am wake up time. Hopefully it will happen again!

Hmm.. that’s about it :-)

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