3 Months!

by admin on March 7, 2006

Our baby is going to be three months in two days! So exciting! She has started rolling over when we put her on her tummy now. We are very impressed. :-) Justin called it ‘gravity’ since she leans her head over and then ‘falls’ over but she uses her legs now to keep that movement to flip her on her back. She does much better on her right side at the moment.  She is also doing the ‘full body smile’ meaning she starts kicking out her arms and legs like crazy when she is excited. It’s pretty darn cute! She has started kicking in the bathtub which is pretty funny. We have her high chair set up now and it has a reclining position so she sits with us during meals.  Her little head hardly reaches the tray when she is reclining but we put toys on the tray and she stares at them for awhile and then babbles at us. Or falls asleep. It all depends on her mood.

Nursing is going great now. Except we stopped giving her bottles because it was going to well (and Mommy HATES to wash bottles anyway…) and tomorrow I have my special Valentine’s Day present (a day to myself!) and we realized that she hasn’t had a bottle in a few weeks! She freaked out when we gave her one so we’ve been trying every day now. She is more used to it after the past few days so hopefully Daddy won’t have a cranky-pants on his hands tomorrow. I’m sure they will have lots of fun together and Mommy will have LOTS of fun getting her hair done and going out to dinner with the ‘girls’.

No new pictures for now. I think we have slowed down a little. We have been going shopping though and have the cutest clothes for when she gets into the next size. I can’t wait!

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